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Custom Holographic Bubble Mailer

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7 in x 9 in $2.77 $2.56 $2.35 $2.22 $2.12 $1.93 $1.79 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us by clicking here for a special quote
10 in x 12 in $3.15 $2.99 $2.76 $2.62 $2.41 $2.29 $2.12 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us by clicking here for a special quote
11 in x 14.5 in $3.31 $3.15 $2.90 $2.75 $2.53 $2.41 $2.22 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us by clicking here for a special quote
15 in x 20 in $3.42 $3.23 $2.98 $2.83 $2.61 $2.48 $2.35 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us by clicking here for a special quote
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Custom Holographic Bubble Mailer

Elevate your shipping strategy with our holographic bubble mailers! Not only do they ensure the safety of your delicate items during transit, but they also inject a dose of glamour and captivating design with their holographic finish. Our compact and robust mailers are crafted to safeguard makeup, jewellery, books, CDs, electronics, and more. The most enticing feature? Our bubble mailers can be personalised to showcase your brand, infusing a unique touch into each shipment—a perfect marketing tactic to captivate your customers. Step up to our holographic bubble mailers today and ship your items in unparalleled style!


Looking to infuse some vibrancy into your packaging? Explore our holographic bubble mailer, available in an array of vibrant colours:



Rose Red

Silver Aluminized Film

Rose Gold Aluminized Film

Rose Red Laser Film


Material: Polyethylene Film

Customisable: YES

Available Sizes

In Centimetres: 18cm W x 23cm L up to 38cm W x 51cm L

Polystyrene - is a synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer made from a monomer known as styrene. Polystyrene can be solid or effervescent. Widely used in the food industry as rigid trays and containers, disposable cutlery, foam cups, plates, and bowls.
Of course, you can. Following are the ways you can place your order: 1. Online 2. On the phone 3. On chat 4. Via email
Of course! You can Live Chat with one of our live support or call Customer Service at (855) 856-4070 or phone us at (281) 533-8932 to obtain help with your order.
Our prices are always the lowest in the market for aprons. We can assure you that there will be no company in the market that will be able to provide a lower price and faster turnaround than our company.
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If there is a production error we will redo your order without any questions asked.
Yes! Unless it is an exact reorder, you always see an e-proof of your item which must be approved by you before we proceed!
Yes! We keep your artwork on file to make reordering and using your art on other products simple and easy!
Simply upload it on our website and attach it to your order and we'll take it from there. You can also send it to or e-mail directly to your Customer Care Representative.
We highly recommend you send a vector-based file in EPS, AI, or PDF format. If you have a raster-based image such as PSD, PNG, or JPG, please send it in the actual size it will be imprinted on your custom poly mailer. We suggest you send the highest resolution file you have available. The highest resolution files work best.
We do not knowingly reproduce copyrighted material and will not accept liability for such infringement when reproducing orders. You are solely responsible for ensuring the artwork you submit does not infringe on property rights by obtaining proper permission for the reproduction of logos, trademarks, and copyrighted material.
Yes absolutely! Feel free to upload as many as you like or you can also email us your designs.
No. We do not have setup charges. All the price lists are final.
It would be better if your artwork is ready at the time that you are placing the order. However, you may also upload your artwork after you order as well by emailing us. The Subject of the email would be, Artwork: Order ######
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    Two shiny bubble mailers, one pink with 'BEAUTY CARE' and the other silver with 'COSMETICS NATURAL BEAUTY,' showcase packaging options for beauty products.

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A holographic bubble mailer with the custom branding 'NORA'S BEAUTY SUPPLY' featuring a pink hair silhouette logo, showcasing a packaging option for beauty products.
7 in x 9 in
A holographic poly mailer with 'NORA'S BEAUTY SUPPLY' printed on it, customized with a pink and purple hair logo, designed for mailing beauty products.
10 in x 12 in
11 in x 14.5 in - Imprint Now - AUS
11 in x 14.5 in
15 in x 20 in - Imprint Now - AUS
15 in x 20 in
Poly Mailers
Custom Size (inch)

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Black - Imprint Now - AUS
Red - Imprint Now - AUS
Rose Red
Rose Red - Imprint Now - AUS
Silver Aluminized Film
Silver Aluminized Film - Imprint Now - AUS
Rose Gold Aluminized Film
Rose Gold Aluminized Film - Imprint Now - AUS
Rose Red Laser Film
Rose Red Laser Film - Imprint Now - AUS
Gold - Imprint Now - AUS

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Custom Holographic Bubble Mailer

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