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Customizable Media Displays

Why Use Media Displays?

Trade show media displays deliver something a little different to your exhibition because they give you something you don’t get with most other options:

A stand on which can mount a TV.

That means you can showcase your branding both with the booth itself and via a portable TV stand for trade show events. All of which can showcase everything from marketing for your company to interactive games designed to draw people to your booth.

Trade Show Today offers a pair of media displays – both customizable with your branding – that feature the following:

  • Sturdy TV stands you can use to mount a small television
  • Small shelving units under the TV that could hold DVD players or videogame consoles
  • A short desk that’s perfect for a representative to distribute advertising materials

Order today to get free shipping on your media displays. We also offer an option to only pay after you’re satisfied with your proof – perfect for companies wary about budgets.

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